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The Mother in Law

Barry was being treated to a meal tonight, and as all three of them sat at their table, which was tucked in the corner, Barry noted how secluded it was. The tablecloth covered a good foot of the table all around, and the lighting, (in this case, candle lit tables) gave the place a nice atmosphere.

His wife had just recently discovered Barry and her mother were more than close friends, and wanted to show it didn’t bother her. So, she’d thought up this idea, and was paying for it out of her own pocket.

Barry was sitting in-between the two lovely ladies’, and felt kind of greedy for having more than one partner. It soon past though, and he was merrily selecting something from the menu, when he felt a bare foot riding up his left leg. Looking down, and under the tablecloth he found it belonged to his mother in law.

He looked up, and was greeted with a smile, and a look of innocence. He smiled back, and then they ordered. The meal itself was duck, with baby carrots roast potatoes and gravy, followed by a sponge desert with cream. Barry’s mother in law kept teasing him all throughout the meal with her foot, and when Julie left the table to go to the toilet. Barry decided to get his revenge.

Taking a spoonful of his deserts cream, while his mother in law wasn’t watching. Barry quickly ducked under the table, and immediately parted her legs. She sat forward a little in the chair, half expecting what was going to happen, when he pulled her panties down roughly, and poured the cream over her pussy lips. She moaned because of the cold feeling as the cream very slowly started to run, and then felt Barry licking it off in great sweeps of his tongue.

Kate held the edge of the table, and looked around the restaurant to make sure no one was watching this. Each time his tongue flicked her clit she gripped the cloth, and started to feel her juices flowing. Just then another pair of legs appeared under the table, and he decided to bring his wife in on there little fun. Running a hand up her thigh, which made her jump, he quickly located her pussy and slipped a finger around her panties in order to penetrate her sweet vagina.

"You can’t… oh… do this in a restaurant," she whispered, looking under the table, and moaning quietly.

"Don’t you… oh… yes, dare stop," said her mother, feeling her first orgasm approaching as his tongue darted around her clit really fast.

Julie could feel a couple of his fingers probing her womanhood, and couldn’t help but grip his hand in order to make him finger her a bit faster. She also placed a finger around her clit, so that she might cum quicker. Her mother was now in the process of an orgasm, and tried desperately to keep the noise down, and the look on her face as straight as possible.

When she came though, her whole body wanted to collapse onto the tabletop. Instead she contented herself with holding onto the back of the chair she sat on, as her juices rushed over Barry’s tongue. A couple of minutes later his wife was about to cum, which made him break off from the mother in law, and begin to concentrate on her. When she felt his tongue entering her, that was enough to finish her off, and she came quite forcefully over his tongue.

He waited until his wife stopped squeezing her legs together, which he knew was a sign of a climax, before getting back onto his chair and smiling broadly. His mother in law looked flushed, and his wife looked very hot. Then his mother leaned forward, to whisper something in Barry’s ear.

"I’m going to fuck you in every conceivable way tonight," she said, placing her hand under the table and stroking his hard cock through his trousers.

Shortly after that, Julie paid the bill, and they were soon in the car and on their way home. When she reached the first set of traffic lights, Julie adjusted the mirror in front of her, to spy on her husband and mother. There in the mirror, she could see her mother bending over Barry’s lap and sucking his cock. She had to swerve, after another mile for she witnessed his entire cock disappearing down her throat.

Her pussy was feeling extremely wet as she pulled up into their driveway, and turned to see Barry coming all over her mother’s face.

"Oh god, you’ve just got to fuck me Barry, I need a cock inside me," she said, fumbling with the car door.

Barry zipped up his trousers and entered the house, only to be attacked as soon as the door closed. They striped him in seconds, and were running their hands over his cock and balls in an effort to get his semi hard shaft active again. Once they saw it stirring, the lady’s bent down and started to suck it together. Once he was completely back to their expectations, his mother in law pushed him back onto the floor and straddled his face.

Meanwhile, Julie sat on his cock and guided him into her wet pussy. When she sat down, he sank in very easily, and she started to ride him. Her mother was hovering just above his tongue, as she was using her knees to keep from sitting on his face. She was also spreading her pussy lips apart, and guiding her clit over his tongue. Barry was moaning out loud, as he felt his cock repeatedly sinking into his wife’s tight cunt.

She in turn was already coming, having gotten over stimulated earlier in the car. Barry could feel her orgasmic juices running over his balls, and enjoyed seeing his mother in law’s erect clit as he flicked it about with his tongue. When he heard Kate coming, he started to ejaculate himself, and for a few moments everyone was quietly satisfied as they sat up on the floor.

"That was lovely darling," said Kate, straightening up her clothing.

Julie just smiled, and then she went to get a drink. When she returned, her mother had gone to bed, so she started eyeing up her husband, as she still felt as horny as earlier on. He saw that look, and knew what was coming, in more ways than one.

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